mercredi 3 avril 2013

DSDN111 project one group shot

A couple group shots of my final three forms for project 1.

   I tried to go with figure ground as my main design element with intersection being a secondary design element, in the card model the lines meet at the bottom of the main fold while in the wire form, they form a point where the ends of the wire meet. Finally, in the mass form, the lines meet at the top of the pyramid that is suggested by the relation between the positive and negative spaces.

  The figure ground relations are slightly different in each case, for the card model, the planes form two open shapes that our perception instinctively closes to form two pyramidal shapes of equal volume. In the wire form, the wires form three planes that intersect each other and form two pyramidal forms. Finally the the mass form uses the mass and intersecting lines to suggest the existence of a pyramid.

  To sum up, this project was quite interesting, and working with three different materials was challenging but quite rewarding in the end. I have the feeling that going through the design process and than taking the result and using it to start a new process is very important and quite interesting. 

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