jeudi 12 septembre 2013

DSDN144 P2

These are all the pictures I selected for use in project 2, there were around 60 images in total:

For the second project I had numerous ideas for the hand-in. At first I wanted to do a stop-motion video of traffic to reveal different patterns. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find a suitable location for this and the task was a bit too daunting given the resources I had available. Next I Decided I would try a series of photos of the same location at different times, a sort of “8 frame stop motion”. That idea was what developed into the final pictures I did which merge pictures of the same location with two different timings, one in the morning and one at night.
On a technical level, I have to say this project has been quite challenging and a good learning experience as, even though the merging of the two pictures was surprisingly easy and fast, the difficulty of getting the exact same framing for the two merged pictures was surprising, especially at night, when the view finder is black thus obscuring the reference markings.

Final pictures:

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