jeudi 17 octobre 2013

DSDN112 Project 3 final.

DSDN112 Project 3 summary:

For the comic presented in this project I wished to portray a range of emotions that occure in common situations such as joy, sadness, embarrassment and anger.

When transiting from the paper format used for the zine to the web based format used for the website I looked at what kind of interactions could be transferred from one format to an other.
The first interaction that comes to mind is the turning of the pages, that can easily be replicated in the website, but then it occurred to me that this interaction, though necessary for the paper based publication, maybe wasn't desirable for a comic. As it is, the comic is divided into panels that make up the structure of the story, but having these panels spread across different pages breaks the continuity of the narration when one must turn the page. Hens, a layout of the comic strips that would require the minimum of distraction from the narration of the story would be best.
Thus a vertical layout was chosen so as to conforms with the way that the strips were read in the zine, but with no interruption between them, and foregoing the titles of each strip so as to to break the narration, this was chosen by my experience from reading similar publications and noticing that I would almost never actually read the title of each strip.
Moreover, I thought of using simple animations to enhance the reading experience, but it is well known that moving objects draw more attention than text and inanimate objects, thus I avoided them so as not to, once again, distract from the narration of the story.
In conclusion, I think that a simple layout with no distractions from the comic, that can be read as a single continuous narration and involving a minimal effort for interaction, namely, scrolling down the page, is a good way to go for a web-comic.




-Lecture and tutorial examples.

-Personal readings used as inspiration for the comic: Lucky Star by Yoshimizu Kagami and Achi Kochi by Ishiki.

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