mercredi 6 novembre 2013

Bolt-action SIM card changer.

    This idea stemmed from a conversation I was having with some friends on a boring Monday afternoon. We were talking about how stores always get prank calls and that the solution would be that stores could have a phone that blocks your number after a certain amount of calls in a given time period, and that an effective counter would be to change your SIM card and thus your number after each call. As you may know, changing a SIM card is long and impractical, requiring to take out the phones battery, slide the card out and put the new one in.
    Thus I present you the bolt-action, clip fed SIM card changer. It is an add-on to a phone that is inserted in the space normally reserved for the battery and SIM card. It holds those two elements separately and allows the battery to be placed elsewhere making space for the rest of the system.

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