jeudi 15 août 2013

DSDN112: readings.

Envisioning Information by Edward Tufte:

This was an interesting reading. The main point of the text was explaining how too much information, or the inconsiderate display of information can mislead, confuse or tire the user. This explained by the expression 1+1=3 or more; meaning that when one places two lines on a piece of paper, they are in fact creating more shapes when you take into account the space between the lines.
The author explains, through the use of clear and well chosen examples that to have a clear
and readable pice of information, you must consider what you aren't showing as much is not more that what you are showing. Moreover the choices of colors and the use of empty spaces to guide and divide the page are very important when creating a highly clear piece of information.
To conclude I have to say that this text was very interesting and informative and wile greatly help me in the future.

Designing for interaction by Dan Saffer:

An other interesting reading, the purpose of this text is to explain how interaction design can be produced and sourced from every day life. Through the use of examples and detailed explanation of his own experiences, the author shows how the observation of everyday life and everyday people can yield interesting ideas for design, like the adaptation or the misuse of everyday objects.
One of these examples was children using a door to play, the obvious use intended for the object had been derived for an other use, even though it wasn't intended or designed for that in the first place.
All in all, this reading has been very interesting, and has provided a solid base for my current project and will certainly be very helpful in the future.

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