jeudi 30 mai 2013

DSDN101 Clip critique Christie Higgins:

  Christy has a very interesting and well done clip on her blog. She used text and drawing to communicate here ideas in a clear manner. I found the colors to have been well chosen as children tend to respond better to vibrant colors.
   She has a clear idea of where she is going with her clip and her final idea. The final clip will be done in a similar fashion with text and pictures appearing on screen so as to get her message across. The only point of criticism I would have for her final project is that she wants to have the whole clip be in black and white with only the logo being given any color. Even though this would put the emphasis on the logo thus helping it stick in peoples head, I think it would diminish the global interest the children would have for the project as they tend to register less with dull colors whereas if the clip were to have some vibrant colors in it, the children's attention would be drawn thus resulting in more participation.
   Over all, I think Christie is on the right track and I would be curious to see the final clip.

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