jeudi 9 mai 2013

DSDN101 P2: Part 1

DSDN101: design brief:

I have no cultural background whatsoever. Having traveled around the world for the entirety of my life and never stayed in a country long enough to feel part of it's culture it is hard for me, if not impossible, to pinpoint exact cultural references to create a pattern that draws exclusively from a single culture though I can take elements from different cultures. Thus I have decided to go for a “personal” pattern that has nothing to do with where I come from, as I don't come from anywhere, but a pattern that represents who I am now.
To achieve this I will be looking at my personal traits and personality as well as the trinkets, the colors that represent me. So far as personality goes, I seem to pass as an unexpressive and cold person, a brooding individual, That directed me towards my colors, choosing cold tones of black and pale blue. I integrated four wings to the design, they have several meanings, their number represents the month of April in which I was born. Finally the bottom pair of wings is placed so as to remind a long coat like the one I wear. I deliberately decided not to add sound to the animation to keep with my quiet nature.

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