dimanche 19 mai 2013

DSDN101 P3 brief

A copy of my design brief for 101:

    I intend to create a video promoting the slum challenge for the Caritas Challenge. I reflected on what this challenge is trying to show and thus looked at what people without shelter were exposed to, hence I came up with several ideas: exposition to the elements, wind, storms, rain, snow, lightning, flooding, heat, wild animals, etc. The challenge also promotes generosity and helping, thus I will also introduce such knowledge. Finally the Challenge is aimed at children thus the characters in the clip will be children.
     For this project I intend to use a mix of hand drawn animation and stop motion. Each frame will be drawn on an independent piece of paper. These will be stacked up and each one will be removed one at a time. The resulting pictures will than be used to create the stop motion clip. In a similar manner to a flip book. Once the final picture is removed, it will reveal the cardboard base on which the pictures were stacked, following which, a stop motion animation will reveal the Caritas Challenge logo logo. I have chosen a abstracted style of drawing with pastel colors similar to a child's drawing to appeal to a younger audience as well as a more mature one.

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