samedi 11 mai 2013

DSDN111 P2 Fluid Form

Precedent immages for project 2:

Sketches and drawings for project 2

Photos of the models done during the process:

A couple images of the presentation drawing (sorry about the two parts I didn't manage to get an A3 scan of it):

Finaly a few photos of the final form:

The idea for this project took its inspiration from sea creatures. The tread is used as an element of tension that holds the whole piece together. The outer "shell" goes around the wire "skeleton" and suggest the curve it forms continues around the wire. Finlay there is a play on transparency between the different parts of the shell that reveal smaller triangular shapes.
A note on the presentation drawing, it is deliberately made of two A4 pieces taped together and folded so that the shell parts drawn in the middle will also fold in the same way as they do on the model.

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